You made me breathless as you sang

On the phone all night saying

You hang up, no you hang up


I said I loved you but I lied

Since I’m trapped

In these steel bars

Thinking the best resolve

Is to go back to one and

Keep on walking

For I begged you

Don’t break my heart

Because I can’t help

Falling in love with you.

It was after I knew

There gotta be somebody

That I realized

I love it when you do

What you do and

I’m so into you

Asking who do you tell

That dreams come true

And this love

Is unbreakable

But still I wondered

If I let you go

How can we be lovers

If we can’t be happy friends

When you keep me

Flying without wings?

Amazing, if I didn’t know better

I would make you mine

And ask you to be

My love